YogaBody 360 Studios offers a variety of mind-body fitness classes for everyone. Our Certified International Yoga Teachers help students develop strength, mobility, and balance through fun, dynamic classes. We take a modern, health and wellness-based approach to classic yoga.

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Meet the Teachers

Rosemarie Elenis 


Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Rosemarie Elenis, founder of YogaBody 360 and a specialized Yoga Teacher. My personal mission is to share with you the modern, mind-body fitness for all ages to help develop strength, mobility and balance through fun, dynamic classes. YogaBody 360 offers daily classes, weekly workshops, personal training and private lessons. We take a modern, health and wellness-based approach to classic yoga. Classes include the Yoga Trapeze, the Yoga Wheel, and the Feet Up Trainer.

My healthy living journey began as a mother of an elite gymnast on the USAG team. Watching my daughter compete as a Junior Olympian made me realize even with a healthy lifestyle of living, we needed more.  My daughter’s overall health was good, however it was time for an improvement. Her body was not consuming enough good, whole food nutrition from what she was burning while training. After speaking with her doctors, coaches and doing my own research, I discovered Juice Plus+ concentrated whole food nutrition. Juice Plus+ is one simple change that bridged the gap! With the start of Juice Plus+ it not only helped my daughter become a healthier athlete, but also introduced my family to sustainable farming with their Tower Garden. This past year I was honored to help educate students on the importance of fruits and veggies by sharing the Juice Plus+ Company’s Tower Garden’s aeroponic system with them.

My passion for a healthier lifestyle of living did not stop there. I felt without eliminating controllable toxins, my family was not reaching the full 360 change we desired. As a family, we decided to begin using healthier personal care products. We fell in love with Beautycounter and the founders mission “to get safer products into the hands of everyone”, as well their Never List.

As a Mother, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Daughter and Friend, my mission and passion evolved into inspiring healthy living around the world.  I became infatuated with sharing both of these phenomenal companies’ missions and products with all my family and friends.  While being an advocate to beauty, health and wellness from the inside out, I decided to become a distributor for both companies.  I believe uncontrollable toxins surround us all in our environment, however the two things we can control in our lives are what we consume and what we choose to put on our biggest organ in our body, our skin!

Once again, my journey did not stop there.  Becoming a Certified Family Health Coach at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, gave me great knowledge of nutrition, supplements, exercising and an overall view of how to share the essentials of wellness! Simple lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on an individual’s overall health and wellness. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step!

While closely working with my clients to help better their overall health and wellness, I noticed one major element so many families had an issue with… exercising! For some, the word exercise alone was exhausting. To others, they would go to the extreme and over condition their bodies with heavy workouts. Naturally, it dawned on me… Yoga! My whole life, yoga has always been in my practice. I grew up with the most beautiful yogi, my mother, mother of five! Graciously, my mother shared her practice with me. I have had the honor to do the same, sharing my practice with my daughter for the past decade and continuing to do so every day. With the passion yearning to share yoga with my clients, I started my International Diploma E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Yoga Teachers College in Barcelona, Spain. I received my YACEP certification as a Yoga Trapeze Teacher from Yoga Teachers College while studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I fell in love with YOGABODY’s philosophy to focus on anatomy with yoga and to separate religion from practice. As I continue my education in the yoga industry, I found the FeetUp Trainer as a huge asset to my practice. With YOGABODY’s trapeze and the FeetUp Trainer, I am able to learn advanced poses in a safe environment. I knew this was it! This European style yoga was the perfect element missing from my clients’ healthy life style of living. I was fortunate to be able to join the first YACEP FeetUp Teacher Training here in the United States to become one of the first US Certified YACEP FeetUp Teachers. YogaBody 360 is one of the first yoga studio’s to offer FeetUp here in the US. As I continue my education with Yoga Teachers College YACEP Gravity Yoga Teacher Training and Breathing Coach Courses.

As my clientele family expands, I am overjoyed to announce my grand opening of YogaBody 360! My studio supports families and friends to achieve the full circle of health and wellness! We will meet you where you are at on your wellness journey and together build the perfect healthy living foundation. YogaBody 360 offers a variety of mind-body fitness classes for everyone. Our Yoga Alliance Certified Trapeze and FeetUp Teachers help students develop strength, mobility and balance through fun, dynamic classes. We take a modern, health and wellness-based approach to classic yoga.

To complete our Circle of wellness we cannot forget the importance of household cleaning products. With the word clean, clean ingredients is exactly what families deserve and Young Living is my first choice. I personally use their products in my home and studio, including their exceptional pet care products. My fur babies’ health matters too. We all deserve better, all means all!! With that said… I’m excited to offer Young Living, Beautycounter, Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden in my studio. From my house to yours, I open my studio doors and heart to all of you. Please come and join us! Let us be your cup of tea, a glass of wine, as you indulge in healthy living and fitness.

Alessandra Maria Elenis

With hard work and dedication to her practice, Alessandra is one of the youngest certified International Yoga Teacher in the United States at the age of eleven. As a USAG Level 7, Junior Olympian Gymnast, Alessandra still finds time daily for her yoga practice and weekly to teach others after receiving her certifications from Yoga Teachers College. Alessandra specializes in Yoga Trapeze and Gravity Yoga. She have always been intrigued by health and wellness. Her passion is to inspire kid’s fitness, health, and all around wellbeing!

Stacia Paul

Stacia’s background of performance art made her fall in love with  Yoga as a way to relive back pain, increase flexibility, build upper body and core strength. She wanted to make a career change to be able to help people with their health and wellness. Yoga has become a passion for her  and she she enjoys sharing this journey with her students. Stacia combines her passion for production and yoga by producing yoga events, workshops and dynamic classes. She is always open to learn and is always seeking more knowledge and experience. Stacia Paul was trained in Yoga Trapeze and 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga by YOGABODY Studio in Barcelona, Spain. She loves to connect with the community through mind body connection.

Desiree Perez

Desiree is a Mother of a USAG Junior Olympian/ Model/ Actress whom aids her on a pronounced fit healthy lifestyle. She dedicated ten years to her community as a first responder which is her full hearted passion.
In 2015 she suffered a mayor accident that caused severe head, neck and spinal damage. Throughout that time she learned and fell in love with the practice of yoga. Yoga has taught Desiree a new way of living along with gaining strength flexibility that allowed her to get through her healing on a daily practice. To share her new passion of healing through yoga, Desiree became a Certified International Yoga Trapeze, Gravity Yoga and FeetUp Yoga Teacher, as well as an International Breath Coach through Yoga Teachers College.

Brenna is currently in college pursuing a bachelors degree in business management at Stockton University. Brenna’s passion for athletics began at age 3 when she started gymnastics. She continued her gymnastics career on a successful path along the way, competing USAG and JOGA. At the age of 14, she switched over to competitive cheerleading which she continues to do today at a collegiate level. After being introduced to trapeze yoga, she instantly fell in love with the practice. Yoga not only became a fun way to stay in shape, but also an effective way to increase flexibility and strength. Brenna enjoyed her practice so much, she developed a desire to learn more. She is currently a teacher in training in International Trapeze and Gravity Yoga.  She hopes to encourage others to discover the benefits of yoga with the mind and body, just as she has.

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YogaBody 360 Studio 1

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712 East Bay Avenue, Suite 21F

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$135 Teacher Training Workshop (Valid For 1 Day)

$235 Tween & Teen Yoga Camp (Valid For 5 Days)

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Classes Offered:

Beach Yoga

Discovery Workshop

Gravity Yoga®

Family Gravity Yoga®

Family Yoga Gymnastic Rings

Family Yoga Trapeze®

Teacher Training Workshop

Tween & Teen Yoga Camp

Vinyasa Yoga

Virtual Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga

Yoga Ab Sliders

Yoga Cork Blocks

Yoga FeetUp®

Yoga Gymnastic Rings

Yoga Trapeze®

Yoga Wheel

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In honor of the practice you created. In respect with the people you shared it with. FeetUp®

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